What is the minimum order?

Common minimums are 1000 units per item to get you a great price.  Lowers units may also be available for a slightly higher cost.

What is my price?

Contact your account representative or for a price quote.

What's the lead time for my orders?

A common lead time is 4-8 weeks depending on the production schedule and factors such as labels being received.  We can usually do much better and reorders are quicker as well. We commonly stock a couple hundred thousand of each softgels for a quick turnaround. Our softgel manufacturing time can be lengthy so best to plan of 14 weeks for extremely large orders. As always we will do our best to accommodate quick turnarounds.

Do you sell in bulk?

Yes, this is a great way to keep costs and lead times low. We sell a substantial amount of bulk tincture in 5-55 gallon barrels. Bulk softgels are available in an 8,000 unit case count with a common three day lead time.

How do I place an order?

Fill out this new customer form and send a purchase order. A private label agreement is also required for finished products.  Commonly, a 100% payment is required at the time of ordering as well.

What are your payment terms?

Common terms are 100% down at the time of order Once a relationship has been established please speak to your account representative

Are you GMP?

We operate under Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations.  Our quality team has been part of four federal GMP audits with no 483’s!

May I design my own label?

Yes, we send you the template and you send us the print ready proof for printing.

Can I supply you with my labels on a roll?

Yes, we require a #4 wind, 3 inch core, and 12 inch maximum diameter.

Can I supply you with my labels on a roll?

Yes, we require a #4 wind, 3 inch core, and 12 inch maximum diameter.

Do I need a QR code?

In states like Indiana a QR code linking back to a corresponding batch number’s 3rd party CoA is required.  This is not a requirement for all states.

Why do I need an address or phone # on my label?

This is an FDA requirement for adverse event reporting (AER).

What logos may I use on labels?

We can offer the following logos. Feel free to use ours or provide yours as long and Quality approves. Gluten Free, Tested-Non GMO, Cruelty Free, Tested Non Soy, Vegan, Colorado Made.

Can I use a UPC on my labels?

Yes, although not a requirement.  Please supply a UPC code. is a reasonable source if needed

Can I supply my own packaging?

This is a possibility at 2000+ bottle orders. An additional QC clearing lead time and fee may apply.

Do you do any contract manufacturing?

We can custom make tinctures, mints, and vapes at this time.

May I supply you with our own ingredients?

This is allowable on larger 2000+ unit orders. Additional QC clearing lead time and fee may apply.

May I visit your facility?

Boulder Colorado is beautiful and we welcome audits. In an effort to make the best of yours, and our time we like to keep tours for customers with an active order or account.

What if my customer wants to do a quality audit at your facility?

This is common in the dietary supplement industry and we welcome reasonable audits with proper scheduling.  We represent our facility as an extension of you and position this company as your manufacturing partner.

What type of marketing material do you offer?
For larger accounts you may visit our cultivation center and farms with your video team. Imagine a video shot in the hemp fields where your product comes from!

We can provide these flyers for you to add your logo and company information:

Softgels | Tinctures

Why do you ask for a sales tax or resale certificate?

We sell you products that do not require charging sales tax. This is because we are not selling to the end consumer.