Full Service Gummy Manufacturing for Vitamins & CBD

Are you in need of private label gummy manufacturing that will advance your conventional product line, or get your brand off the ground with a successful nutritional product? Gummies are increasingly popular! Offering a gummy supplement or CBD product is a great way to expand your business and revenue.

Alliance Nutra is equipped with superior gummy manufacturing capabilities to bring your gummy CBD or vitamin product to life. Our team is dedicated to be your partner for manufacturing quality gummy vitamins for your growing business to scale.

Alliance Nutra produces affordable CBD and vitamin gummies with low minimum order quantities. To request a quote for our gummy manufacturing services, click the link below or give us a call at 720.680.2021

Our Process

What you can expect when you partner with Alliance Nutra

Full Service Formulation

We specialize in custom vitamin and cbd formulations and offer an extensive ingredient selection so your gummies turn out just the way you envisioned. Private label your next CBD or vitamin gummy product with us.

Cooking and Molding

Flavor is an important factor, once we have finalized your formula and have the raw material, it will be time for production. Your blend will be mixed, and cooked for it to thicken and then poured into molds for shaping.

Cooling and Coating

Once the gummies have cooled and are removed from their molds they will be tumbled and coated with a food grade wax or sugar to seal in freshness and stay soft for quality and satisfaction.

Filling and Packaging

When your gummy vitamins are in their final form we will distribute them into their packages accordingly. After bottles / bags are filled they will be labeled, boxed and shipped out to you.

Vitamin & CBD Gummy Manufacturing Process

What you can expect when you partner with Alliance Nutra

Gummy supplements are highly popular nutritional formulas favored by everyone for their great taste and fun method of ingestion. Offering a gummy product is a great way to expand your supplement business or start up in the nutrition and supplement market.

Alliance Nutra Gummy Manufacturing Capabilities

On the surface gummy manufacturing may seem simple, but there is a much more rigorous process involved in making these delicious supplements high quality and efficacious. 

Gummy vitamins need to be chewy, delicious, and packed with the right amount of nutrients. These variables can be tough when working with multiple ingredients, but once we get it right we can produce the outcome over and over again for a smooth reordering process.

Our popular gummy formulas are made to meet a wide range of customers’ nutritional supplement needs.

Choose from a wide range of formulas to customize.

  • CBD
  • Multivitamins
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3
  • Omegas
  • Biotin
  • Melatonin
  • Fiber formulas
  • And many more!

Interested in something you don’t see listed above? Contact us to discuss more gummy options.

Healthy Gummy Options

Do you want your gummies to be organic, vegan, kosher, sugar free, allergen free, or gluten free?  Whatever your specifications are, we can make it happen. Alliance Nutra has access to the highest quality ingredients for making specialty gummies that will make your brand stand out in the marketplace.

Choosing Flavors

When it comes to a CBD or vitamin gummy, taste is paramount. We understand that flavor, consistency, and effectiveness matter most, and our manufacturing capabilities ensure high quality gummies that have an irresistible flavor. With a wide range of flavoring capabilities, we can create the flavor that meets your paletes expectations.

Blending, Cooking, and Cooling

Once we have finalized your formula, all the ingredients and flavoring and gelling agent will be blended thoroughly followed by the process of being cooked. When the vitamin gel mixture is heated it will thicken up creating “slurry”. The slurry will be poured into molds and cooled.

Tumble and Coat Gummies

In the final step, the gummies are removed from their molds and placed into a large tumbler where they are coated with a food grade oil, wax or sugar dusted to prevent sticking, seal in freshness and maintain their soft chewy texture. After tumbling, your high-quality custom gummies are ready for packaging.

Packaging Options for Gummies

Finding the right packaging is important for ensuring your product will stand out. Alliance Nutra offers you a variety of packaging options to choose from. Gummy vitamins often come in clear containers to showcase their fun colors. After your gummy vitamins are packaged, sealed, and labeled, they are ready for shipping!

The Benefits of Gummy Supplements

Gummy Manufacturing for vitamins and CBD is in high demand and every year gummy vitamins are searched for more and more! Offering your customers a gummy product will help you grow your business and stay relevant with current consumer trends. People of all ages love the experience of taking supplements without any adverse taste. Gummies are a fun and tasty way to enjoy your supplements.

  • Convenient
  • Vibrant and attractive
  • Delicious and nutritious
  • Can be made sugar-free and vegan
  • Variety of formulas to choose from

Our cGMP Certified facility is equipped with advanced encapsulation machines, tablet presses, and blenders, as well as high-speed packaging and filling lines. This allows us to offer you competitive pricing and accurate product turnaround times that you can rely on.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gummy Manufacturing

If you are in the market for gummy manufacturing and still have questions about the process and what to expect, here are answers to some common questions.

What kind of gummy formulas can you create?

There are many possibilities ranging from single ingredient gummies to complex formulations for multivitamins, fiber supplements, brain health, immune system, hair growth, weight loss, and other categories. Contact us to let us know what you are looking for.

What types of gummies does Alliance Nutra offer?

Gummy formulas are customizable and can be made organic, vegan, kosher, sugar free, allergen free and more. 

Vegan Organic Tapioca

Service Advantages

Alliance Nutras white label gummy manufacturing services are superior, offering the highest quality gummies available on the market. Our team knows the industry and understands how to deliver you the best product for your dollar. Customer service is the cornerstone of our business and we prioritize transparency with our clients. We will be there to answer your questions along the way. Consider your new gummy product produced by the best in the business, Alliance Nutra.

What Our Customers Say About Our Supplement Manufacturing Services

"Smooth From Start to Finish"

We engaged with Alliance Nutra to launch our new supplement products. Our entire team was impressed with the communcation to the complete product. Alliance Nutra is our primary manufacturer from here on out. Smooth from start to finish. Highly recommended!

Martha Cunningham – VP of Operations

"Private Label Done Right"

The experienced staff at Alliance Nutra solved so many issues our previous manufacture had. Their processes and resources are second to none! Private Label done right.

Larry Hutchinson – Founder

"Incredible Service"

After going through several manufactures over the years we are overjoyed to have Alliance Nutra as our go to. Alliance Nutra has provided incredible service and has managed our expectations throughout the manufacturing process.

Steve Yang – COO